Gravats Tour : Clara! + Bernardino Femminielli + Fusiller + Gravats DJs

En partenariat avec Hatch

The Gravats Editions are coming back to Lyon on May 26th, at the Périscope.

With Clara!, Bernardino Femminielli, Fusiller, Gravats DJs & guests.

thursday 26 may 202221h00
Le Péri


Clara! mixes rebellion, sex and humor on mutant reggaeton/rap beats, with a punk spirit and a feminist base. She has teamed up with producers including Pearson Sound, Low Jack, Tryphème, Maoupa Mazzocchetti. She is now alone on stage. Without dj, nor artifice, often in the crowd and not on stage, she brings the public to […]

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Bernardino Femminielli

Bernardino Femminielli works in an amalgam of supports where music, performance, poetry and cinema are intermingled, anchored in a provocation at the same time hyper-sexualized and asexualized. A casual crooner in the heart of a dystopian disco. From brutal italo-disco to classical flights of fancy, from mutant industrial to armored cosmic drone, his sonic undertakings […]

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According to his own words, Fusillier is « dystopian harmonies, failed mutations and superimposed celebrations. Attempts of agglomerated melodies. Factitious ritualizations. Synthesizers welded in his kitchen. More or less operational since 2010. 50% Opera Death w/ èlg,50% Woman w/ Arno Bruil,100% Tanzprocesz, etc. Whether alone or accompanied. A circuit-bending opera at the service of a unique […]

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Gravats DJs

Jean Carval & distinguished guests will play records between the concerts and at the end of the evening.

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