Gérard Jugno 106 + Allister Sinclair + Mycose

It is with euphoria that Gérard Jugno 106 reconnects electronic music with the body and projects the public into another space. Where Allister Sinclair takes acoustic sounds from all over the place and mixes them with techno rhythms, Mael Gagnieux (Mycose) offers a danceable, repetitive music, essentially based on acoustic samples collected from everyday life.

thursday 08 september 202221h00
Le Péri

Gérard Jugno 106

With an attitude close to Synthpunk, Gerard Jugno 106 looks for the direct relationship with the public which he uses as fuel to deliver a very physical and communicative performance, in live with machines and triturated synths. Gerard Jugno 106 seeks to reconnect electronic music with the body and projects the audience into another space. […]

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Allister Sinclair

He is alone with a computer, a beer and some chips, he plays his own instrument, a software that elaborates and sharpens since 10 years in open source under Pure Data, made to work with his controllers and computer keyboards. A digital electro music but completely live. A very fun and transcendent dance highway with […]

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Maël Gagnieux, performer, founder of the ultra-contemporary cabaret Fludax, drummer of Adolf Hibou, member of the family formations, Les Butors Etoilés, with his father, and trio of childhood friends _nu with Allister Sinclair and Lucien Dall’Aglio (GJ106) taking over with the latter the first album of Nine Inch Nails in the mouth, a well-deliberate guy, […]

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