Maël Gagnieux, performer, founder of the ultra-contemporary cabaret Fludax, drummer of Adolf Hibou, member of the family formations, Les Butors Etoilés, with his father, and trio of childhood friends _nu with Allister Sinclair and Lucien Dall’Aglio (GJ106) taking over with the latter the first album of Nine Inch Nails in the mouth, a well-deliberate guy, who plays quite a bit with the sonic, situational, outdated and relative “bad taste” comical. In 2014 he created the project Mycose which will be quickly put in the closet after the release of the first opus. A danceable, repetitive music, based mainly on acoustic samples collected on a daily basis (friends, meals, parties with junkyards), the only guy able to make a big drop with 1mn30 of silence afterwards. After a live test in 2019, where he plays his entire album in playback performed, he nails everyone on the spot. Hilarious, unpredictable, dynamic and beautiful, this guy is killing the stage, all with three pieces of string. Yeah, you could say his music is a mix between Bob Sinclar and the sound of a rusty anvil and an accordion, with the feeling that everything is made with three pieces of string.


Mael Gagnieux (acoustic samples)