Deux Lyristics

This rap duo from Lyon has more than one trick up its sleeve. Deux Lyricists make you travel two decades back with their influences of the Hip-Hop movement including Jazz, Funk and Rock.

In first part of the concert :

Salah / SZ
Yazid / Na2S
Adlene / AL
Yliane / YZR

saturday 09 july 202220h00
Grande Scène

Deux Lyricists

Energetic activists of the Lyon rap scene and members of the collective « La Mégafaune« , Deux Lyricists have been squatting on the Rhône-Alpes and French stages since the beginning of 2010 with an energetic, eclectic and powerful rap that makes us bubble with introspective punchlines, bad jokes and carefully crafted texts. After a long stage collaboration […]

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