Enablers + Fugues

In parternship with Dur & Doux et Bigoût

Hypnotic harmonies and poetic incarnations, Enablers are a reference on the indie rock scene. Heritages of the 90s, their trademark between post-rock and spoken word has crossed the ages thanks to their always striking stage performances. As for the new Lyon-based combo Fugues, they modestly work to keep rock as free as possible and offer us a taste of this bias between rock, noise and shoegaze.

thursday 22 september 202221h00
Le Péri
8/10 €


Enablers chew up twenty years as a band and bring us their seventh Lp entitled, “Some Gift”.  On this Lp, Pete Simonelli yearns menacingly towards beauty then retreats to reverence while drummer Sam Ospovat places the bizarre over the beats with an array of pedals and contact mics.  Somehow, behind it all, after three decades […]

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Coming from different indie, noise and hardcore projects such as Décibelles, Sofy Major and Alabaster, the members of Fugues start here almost from a blank page. From their noisy and electric past, only the taste for high volume sound explorations remains. Everything else has to be shattered, remodeled, re-textured. But rather than provoke surprise, they […]

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