Bryan’s Magic Tears

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After showing the muscles on one side of the album, Benjamin Dupont digs a little deeper into his own veins and transfigures his band. Like all great albums, it opens with a screaming introduction (“Greeting From The Space Boys”, a middle finger raised by the whole band from the stratosphere – Lauriane Petit on bass and vocals, Raphael Berrichon and Medhi Briand on guitars, Paul Ramon on drums). With their new album “Vacuum Sealed”, they compose a repertoire that will outlast them, that we can already imagine in the mouths and on the fingers of the future generations that will rediscover this marvelous album.

thursday 17 february 202221h00
Grande Scène
ticket office opening 20h30
11/13/15 €

Bryan's Magic Tears

That year, the night lasted five months in a row. Every day, when Benjamin Dupont woke up, the sun had been below the horizon for hours. Between 10pm and 4am, locked up secretly in Studio S**** with Marc Portheau, they piled up guitars, turned over amps, chopped over riffs, simplified arrangements and arbitrated. In the […]

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