Bryan’s Magic Tears

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After showing the muscles on one side of the album, Benjamin Dupont digs a little deeper into his own veins and transfigures his band. Like all great albums, it opens with a screaming introduction (“Greeting From The Space Boys”, a middle finger raised by the whole band from the stratosphere – Lauriane Petit on bass and vocals, Raphael Berrichon and Medhi Briand on guitars, Paul Ramon on drums). With their new album “Vacuum Sealed”, they compose a repertoire that will outlast them, that we can already imagine in the mouths and on the fingers of the future generations that will rediscover this marvelous album.

First part : Fontanarosa

thursday 17 february 202221h00
Grande Scène
11/13/15 €

Bryan's Magic Tears

That year, the night lasted five months in a row. Every day, when Benjamin Dupont woke up, the sun had been below the horizon for hours. Between 10pm and 4am, locked up secretly in Studio S**** with Marc Portheau, they piled up guitars, turned over amps, chopped over riffs, simplified arrangements and arbitrated. In the […]

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Fontanarosa, a quartet from Lyon, dominates clear-lined rock. This was clear from their debut LP « Are You There? » (2022, Howlin’ Banana), confirmed by « Take a look at the sea » released this year. The excellence of their playing and songwriting, and their sunny songs, show just how much beauty can come from hard work. On stage, […]

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