BKO is a blend of two opposing worlds that develops a resolutely urban style of music rooted in secular tradition. BKO brings together the guitar of the griots and the six-stringed lute of the bambaras in an intense and contemporary sound. This fusion between urbanity and tradition explores kora rock, electric trance and feverish rhythms. World’n’roll Mali !

With Abdoulaye Koné on djéli n’goni, Nfali Diakité on donso n’goni and voice, as well as Ibrahima Sarr / Aymeric Krol on percussion and finally Fassara Sacko on voice.

wednesday 06 april 202221h00
Grande Scène
12/14 €


The three letters B.K.O are the code of the airport of Bamako. It is indeed in the Malian capital that the rehearsals of the group take place, since 2012. In the same year that the Malian state declared a state of emergency, no one could have imagined that these musicians would be responsible for three […]

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