Matthieu Mazué Trio

Oscillating between appeasement and violence, Matthieu Mazué’s trio has not finished surprising you. Where the repertoire gets lost between “data ready to collapse” and “cyborgs on fire”, their music illustrates a personal conception that is both mechanical and profound.

With Matthieu Mazué at the piano, Xavier Rüegg at the double bass and Michael Cina at the drums.

tuesday 17 may 202221h00
Grande Scène
10/12 €

Matthieu Mazué Trio

Sometimes mechanical, sometimes violent, sometimes appeased. This is how the music conceived by this trio can be characterized. The repertoire oscillates between data ready to collapse and burning cyborgs, reminding us of the place of machines in our society. To illustrate these ideas, the materials used are sometimes raw, sometimes wide and sometimes deep. The […]

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