Animalia – 1st Session

From 4 years old

Cine-concert taking place within the framework of the festival Les Toiles des Mômes carried by the GRAC

Touma and Richard invite children to discover the backstage of Animalia. From their musical universe, they propose a sound illustration work on one of the short films of the show, The Tadpoles in search of their mother. Narration, sound effects, musical sequences, these are the different axes of creation that are experienced. The speakers propose a work on the moods and emotions of the film in a collective approach.

This show will be performed twice on the date indicated, at 11am and 4:30pm

friday 29 october 202111h00
Grande Scène
6-8 €


The Praying Mantis, The Egret and the Oyster, The Monkeys Who Want to Catch the Moon and The Tadpoles Looking for their Mummy were made in the 1980s at the Shanghai Art Studios. Inspired by the finesse and poetry of these astonishing short films that set in motion the painting with Chinese ink and watercolor, […]

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