Michel Chemin

Although it’s not really possible to pinpoint the exact date of birth of MICHEL CHEMIN, its two founders and long-time friends YAN FOUR and ANTOINE BOJ eventually recorded and released an eponymous 4-track EP in March 2023. Entirely DIY, it was released digitally and on cassette via the DESCENTE CHROMATIQUE label, created by Antoine for the occasion, and laid the foundations for a musical and visual style that owes much to a few old French films from the 70s and 80s.

All things considered, there’s a touch of Vladimir Cosma, Ennio Morricone and François de Roubaix in these four tracks. But their grayish, melancholy ambience also recalls the morose krautrock of Beak> or the convoluted post-punk of Television. “In short, it’s as if the band Aline had set out to write the soundtrack for a documentary broadcast on FR3 in 1979,” says Gonzaï magazine.

Shortly after release, VALENTIN LAFORT joins the band on keyboards. Together, they gave their first official concert at the IF Festival, organized by the illustration magazine Kiblind in October 2023, in front of 300 people. Since then, Michel Chemin has been exporting his cinematic instrumental rock to the stage, as well as writing new soundtracks for imaginary films.