Trio Heinz Herbert

jazz clubbing

The trio’s captivating aesthetic is due to an intensity of symbiotic expression. It contains traces of ’70s psychedelic free jazz and particles of contemporary club culture and aspires to a broad fusion of free jazz and electronic music, energetically driven by a collective improvisation that surpasses solitary gymnastics. Following their celebrated 2016 recording, The Willisau Concert, with YES, the trio has added fire to a highly original and unconventional musical art form, staggering through electronic landscapes once again. “YES”: welcome to transgressive sound zones, multifaceted sound structures, diverse aggregate states, colliding moods and rhythms.

“YES”: enter the mirror cabinet, reflecting influences, materials, colors and double (dance) floors. The Heinz Herbert Trio’s tightly and loosely interlocking sound stands out in the sum of the three individuals and in an interaction based on blind trust. On YES, they celebrate a music that is always in motion, constantly building new forms, reminiscent of the multiple and changing bodies of a flock of birds.


Dominic Landolt : Electric Guitar

Ramon Landolt : Piano, Synthesizer

Mario Hänni : Drums