Romain de Ferron

Echo, Echo

Active member of numerous formations with enthusiastic casts (from Balladur to Vinci via Omertà and Sacré Numéro, he shares the action with Amédée de Murcia, Florence Giroud, Jérémie Sauvage, Mathieu Tilly, Pierre Bujeau, Romain Hervault or Ernest Bergez, colleagues escaped from Somaticae, France or Tanz Mein Herz) Romain de Ferron is a French multi-instrumentalist musician who explores the worlds of repetition, counterpoint and continuous sounds. After having tackled the organ and harmoniums, his practice now focuses on electronic music. His latest album Flores for the French label Indian Redhead consists of a collection of miniature instrumental songs. In parallel to his musical production, Romain de Ferron also participates in the magazine Fond de Caisse and is a member of the experimental music festival Échos.