Go To The Dogs !

Best served hot

In their young history, the Manceaux of Go To The Dogs! have already known several (en)lives. Initially a trio formed in 2017 around Arnaud Edel’s guitar, Samuel Foucault’s bass and Jean-Emmanuel Doucet’s drums, the group muscled up its playing two years later with the arrival of Aristide d’Agostino’s trumpet and Thibaud Thiolon’s saxophones. Coming from a wide variety of musical backgrounds, the quintet has gathered around a healthy trinity: Ornette (Coleman), (John) Zorn and Marc Ribot. To place oneself under the aegis of these three monuments is to consider jazz as a flammable material, which can be fired from any wood: from punk branches, from free twigs, from rock buds, from Americana roots or from Latin foliage. It is to love exclamation marks, curious mixes and expressions with the word dog. In short, it is to see music as a court of re-creation where we laugh to see ourselves so free.


Aristide d’Agostino – Trompette
Arnaud Edel – Guitare
Thibaud Thiolon – Saxophones, Clarinette
Samuel Foucault – Basse

Jean-Emmanuel Doucet – Batterie