© Lenny Gonzalez

Rock'n'roll beat generation

Enablers chew up twenty years as a band and bring us their seventh Lp entitled, “Some Gift”.  On this Lp, Pete Simonelli yearns menacingly towards beauty then retreats to reverence while drummer Sam Ospovat places the bizarre over the beats with an array of pedals and contact mics.  Somehow, behind it all, after three decades of collaboration, Goldring and Thomson still surprise us with their weaving, dodging, and burning guitars.  An extensive tour of the EU and UK kicks off September 1, 2022 in support of both “Some Gift” and the fifteenth anniversary edition of “Output Negative Space”.


Joe Goldring (guitars, basses, keys, engineering, mixing)

Sam Ospovat (drums, percussion, electronics, piano)

Pete Simonelli (vocals, words)

Kevin R Thomson (guitars, lapsteel)