Coax Orchestra


Tous en coeur.

A fairy-tale electric harp with a noisy and distorted sound, the sensual playing of one, then two guitars sweating with saturation, a keyboard that grooves in the opposite direction, imperturbable and lyric-naive saxophonist and trumpet player? All this little world is led by a chaotic, somewhat barbaric drummer, who signs with his pen beautiful melodies with rough, fragile and disturbing accents.

Julien Desprez (guitare)
Yann Joussein (batterie, composition)
Rafaëlle Rinaudo (harpe électrique)
Aymeric Avice (trompette, percussions)
Xuan Lindenmeyer (basse)
Antoine Viard (saxophone)
Simon Henocq (guitare)
Romain Clerc-Renaud (claviers)