Zangbeto Quintet

Formed in 2021 by three young Togolese musicians, Joachim Amouzou, Honoré Dafo and Henoch Fafadji, Zangbeto combines contemporary jazz with West African rhythms and songs. The name ‘Zangbeto’ has its origins in a society of masks in southern Benin, whose mission is to protect the town and the community by driving away evil spirits at night.

In the company of French trumpeter Félicien Bouchot and guitarist Romain Baret, they offer a captivating musical experience, a journey in sound that transcends cultural boundaries!

wednesday 31 january 202421h00
Grande Scène

Zangbeto Quintet

Zangbeto is a group initially made up of three young Togolese musicians aged between 20 and 25, formed in 2021 following an artistic residency with Togolese artist Peter Solo of the group Vaudou Game. Exceptionally talented and precocious, Joachim Amouzou on piano, Honoré Dafo on bass and Henoch Fafadji on drums deserve to be better […]

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