Xavier Charles & Mathieu Bec duo + Jean Tinnirello

On the occasion of the improvised music workshop proposed by AIL, Xavier Charles and Mathieu Bec will offer us a concert on the evening of their workshop. These two musicians improvise and invent music in real time like free electrons. Between improvised music, noisy rock, electroacoustic, jazz and world music, their repertoire is shaped around adventure and improvisation.

friday 24 june 202221h00
Le Péri

Xavier Charles

Clarinetist, improviser and composer. He is a key figure in the new European music scene. An irreproachable virtuoso, he invents a unique language and embraces the most adventurous music. He has developed techniques inspired by matter, everyday sounds and contemporary musical languages. His experiences have led him to the frontiers of improvised music, noisy rock, […]

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Mathieu Bec

Drummer, improviser, composer and writer. A free electron, his repertoire lies between jazz, free jazz and world music.Most often accompanied by a reduced drum set or raw materials that he shapes and collects in nature, he questions the physiology of rhythm and sound vibration used as a palette of nuances…

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Jean Tinnirello

Jean Tinnirello plays the acoustic baritone saxophone, alone on stage, clearing the immediate through silence and sound, inventing heady riffs crossing atonal deserts, drawing his energy from the depths of the instrument to its most intimate ends. An invitation to explore the present in a different way, during a shared moment.

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