Vica Pacheco

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A true multi-disciplinary artist, Ana Victoria aka Vica Pacheco has a gift for creating universes of vital energy.
Rooted in experimental music and composition, she likes to draw atmospheres with soothing, mysterious sounds, wrapped in jolts and electricity, round percussion and haunted breaths. A certain form of tribality permeates the shady corners of his music, opening onto shimmering horizons and illuminating complex forests of unabashed minimalism.
Though experimental, his music develops a shimmering musicality that ripples across our pores before reaching our cortex, etching a lasting well-being of relaxing spirituality.

Magically, the appointment is set for Wednesday March 6 at 7pm, when she will present us with a new feature on the occasion of her visit to Le Périscope.

This concert is part of Better Live, a project co-financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe program.
wednesday 06 march 202419h00
Le Péri

Vica Pacheco

Vica Pacheco was born in Oaxaca, southern Mexico in 1993, and lives and works in Brussels. She studied art at La Esmeralda in México City before graduating from Villa Arson in France in 2017. Her practice is rooted in experimental music and composition, but she also has a plastic practice passing through ceramics and 3d […]

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