Troisième Oreille | TTTT : Anna Gaïotti + Pascal Battus

In partnership with Collectif Si

Abrasive duo where each seeks to melt into the grind of the other. With lost body obviously, they rake their gestures on materials. One routines and makes the found objects scream, the other scratches and taps the ground, sizzles with his throat, dismantles his dance.

monday 23 may 202221h00
Le Péri

Anna Gaïotti

Anna Gaïotti is a performance artist and choreographer. Her work takes shape in her relationship to experimental noise, harsh noise, techno, or the sounds of life and dance that she travels through. She stages the body through a writing that she makes for herself where she aims to confront choices and non-choices, doubts and norms, […]

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Pascal Battus

Sound artist, improviser, composer, Pascal Battus develops a sound practice more attentive to the sound gesture, to listening and to the situation that determines them than to a defined instrument: the guitar pick-up (guitar microphone without guitar), rotating surfaces, the « surrounded » guitar (electric guitar on table + contact microphone + various objects + electronics), percussion […]

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