Trio Grande + She’s Analog

Récif · Festival Jazz à Lyon

Trio Grande

What happens when three of the world’s most accomplished jazz musicians get together for a new trio project? Fireworks! … and an innovative, exhilarating debut album. Trio Grande is an international super trio featuring British saxophonist Will Vinson, Israeli guitarist Gilad Hekselman and American drummer Nate Wood. Together, the three musicians produce a sound as vast and varied as that of a band twice their size. The band’s debut album (with Antonio Sanchez on drums in place of Nate Wood) received international critical acclaim.

She’s Analog

She’s Analog explores the sonic possibilities offered by a particular variation of the most classical of ensembles: the trio. Creating music collectively, the group is inspired by a slender compositional starting point, enriched by the practice of free improvisation. The group’s own language is constantly nourished by the different influences and training of the individual musicians: contemporary classical, jazz, post-rock, minimalism and electronics are all languages that interact dialectically, creating precious landscapes and textures that are always different, emotional and never abstract. The band’s debut record was released on vinyl on September 18, 2020, by Auand Records.

She’s Analog’s concert is organized as part of Better Live, a project co-financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe program.

friday 29 march 202421h00
Grande Scène

Trio Grande : Gilad Hekselman, Will Vinson & Nate Wood 

Trio Grande (Gilad Hekselman, Will Vinson, Nate Wood) is bigger than the average trio. It might look like there’s no bass player, but in fact there are three: Nate Wood is perhaps the only person in the world able to play at a dazzling level on both drums and bass at the same time. Saxophonist […]

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She’s Analog

She’s Analog explores the sound possibilities offered by a particular declination of the most classic ensemble: the trio.Collectively creating music, the group is inspired by a tenuous compositional starting point, which is enriched by the practice of free improvisation. The musicians all contribute to the development of rich and coherent sound textures, which are the […]

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