She’s Analog


She’s Analog explores the sound possibilities offered by a particular declination of the most classic ensemble: the trio.
Collectively creating music, the group is inspired by a tenuous compositional starting point, which is enriched by the practice of free improvisation. The musicians all contribute to the development of rich and coherent sound textures, which are the result of an accurate process of braiding and blending instrument’s voices, to the point where it is no longer possible to distinguish their source. Compositions are shaped as fragile architectures that never become a limitation for creative expression: these structures carry feelings and suggestions, and let catch a glimpse of an inner space.
The group’s own language is constantly fed by the different influences and backgrounds of the individual musicians: contemporary classical, jazz, post- rock, minimalism and electronics all represent languages that interact dialectically, creating precious landscapes and textures that are always different, emotional and never abstract. The group’s first record was released on vinyl on 18th September 2020, by Auand Records.

From 2023, She’s Analog joins “WeStart”, a program for new bands and productions under the artistic direction of Enrico Bettinello, with the support of Novara Jazz Festival. The trio debuted in both Italian and European venues, such as: Casa del Jazz (Rome), Sala Vanni (Florence), Novara Jazz Festival, ZUT! (Foligno), Opus Jazz Club (Budapest).

She’s Analog has been selected as one of the 12 international bands chosen by the “12 Points Festival” in 2022.


Stefano Calderano (guitar)

Luca Sguera (prepared piano, synth)

Giovanni Iacovella (drums)