Tout Bleu + Balladur + Ar ker

Get ready for a singular vision of music, made up of a dizzying array of things, from electric folk to krautrock, glitch techno to postpunk, chamber rock to synthpop. Firstly, with Tout Bleu, the Geneva-based band formed by Simone Aubert (Hyperculte), whose second album is out on Bongo Joe records. But also with Balladur, Lyon’s most popular live electro duo, who never lack imagination when it comes to deconstructing dance. The evening opens with Ar Ker, a musical ceremony akin to electronica implemented by the founder of Carton records, who initiated the evening.

friday 16 june 202321h00
Le Péri

Tout Bleu

Tout Bleu’s second record, Otium, recalls a route where the electronic crosses paths with theacoustic. This new milestone in Genevan multi-instrumentalist Simone Aubert’s (Massicot,Hyperculte) musical field represents a kind of fruitful deceleration. Initially conceived as a soloproject in 2018, the act is now an exploration ground for the musicians gathered on Otium :Naomi Mabanda on […]

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Since 2015, Balladur has been offering a most singular pop music. With a new wave device (drum machine, guitar and synth) the duo from Villeurbanne managed to refine a unique sound, syncretism of influences as diverse as dub, world music in its folk and popular form or dance music, in a post punk and DIY […]

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ker is a regional prefix meaning behind fortified place, castle, citadel, then village and finally a dwelling place a journey between shamanism and hard electronica

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