NCY Milky Band

NCY Milky Band is the band of BMM Records co-founder and multi-instrumentalist Louis Treffel, accompanied by Quentin Thomas on saxophone, Antoine Léonardon on bass and Paul Lefèvre on drums.

This quartet from Nancy offers unique hybrids between French groove, jazz, funk, soul and modern electronica. Their compositions are conceived as sound photographs of everyday life, aiming to reflect real situations which, when expressed in music, become distorted, blurred and dreamlike: cosmic jazz at the Périscope on Wednesday, June 7!

wednesday 07 june 202321h00
Grande Scène

NCY Milky Band

At the beginning of 2020, NCY Milky Band released the cover album Our Gurus, a true manifesto of their jazz funk, hip-hop and electronica influences. Backing band of the label BMM Records, studio musicians and producers, they are in the lineage of the rare French groove and are inspired by composers like Vannier or De […]

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