Time Wharp + Anotyne + Lia

Zyon Baboss, l’Assurance Fun & Grrrnd Zero Hors-Les-Murs present 3 artists who experiment a music of the future between dystopia and dreamed world of thousand colors. The New-Yorker composer Time Wharp, or the Lyonnaise Anotyne and Lia will make you fly the engine cut above your everyday life: electronic instruments, voices in the fog, electro-acoustic exploration, minimalist music or acoustic shoegaze. Ready to take off for an imaginary canopy, there, just above the Périscope on May 25.

thursday 25 may 202321h00
Le Péri

Time Wharp

Time Wharp is the musical vehicle of Kaye Loggins, an Atlanta-born producer, guitarist and TV host based in Brooklyn, New York. She plays a cosmic game with samples and synthesizers, citing minimalist, jazz and krautrock music and recontextualizing them in another form of listening, with an experience rooted in electronic music such as house. She […]

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Acoustic shoegaze? A shower of feelings that blurs the contours of time? A melancholic and mineral dream pop in French? Anotyne is the solo project of Anotine Nouel (Satellite Jockey, Train Fantôme, Beauty Camp, Le Méchant, Bernadette 3 …), mixer, mastering engineer, producer, musician and sound engineer at SoundLove. Her cloudy songs contemplate ethereal emotional […]

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Lia creates a solemn minimal music with melodies that trace the contours of singular forms in a soft and slightly funny material. She sometimes combines her voice with her keyboard to create enveloping melodies like the shadow of sails flapping in the wind or her drum machine for aspirational and inspiring beats.

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