Time Wharp

Time Wharp is the musical vehicle of Kaye Loggins, an Atlanta-born producer, guitarist and TV host based in Brooklyn, New York.

She plays a cosmic game with samples and synthesizers, citing minimalist, jazz and krautrock music and recontextualizing them in another form of listening, with an experience rooted in electronic music such as house. She released on the all genre label Leaving Records the album Spiro World (or One Must First Become Aware Of The Body), a collection of maturity for a work that cannot really be linked to a very precise contemporary scene. At once sharp and vulnerable, this album, named after spironolactone, recounts profound personal and somatic experiences of derealization, endocrinological mixolydian earthly paradises parallel to pharmaceutical hell on earth, and addresses love letters to New York.

His music describes how imagining and creating futures can be scary, joyful, difficult, but also effortless and ultimately inevitable.