Ti’Kaniki Kabar Maloya Fet Kaf + Marsèl Philéas

Fet Kaf, or the Festival of the Abolition of Slavery, is THE date to honor Reunion’s Creole culture. For this occasion, the evening will be 100% Maloya. And with Ti’Kaniki, it won’t just be a concert, but a kabar where spontaneity and fervor lift you up!

The group will be accompanied by Marsèl Philéas, who also travels the world spreading maloya. He’ll be singing his new compositions as well as a few classics from his family. We’ll be building bridges to Ti’kaniki’s innovative repertoire as we prepare to bring the Périscope party to a close in 2023!

saturday 16 december 202321h00
Grande Scène


A product of the slave era, « maloya » was long confined to clandestine celebrations, where slaves asserted their desire for freedom through ritual trance music. ritual trance. The origins of this traditional Réunionese music lie in the island’s complex and painful history. history of the island. Ti’Kaniki continues this process of transmission through through nothing more […]

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Marsèl Philéas

Musician Marsèl Philéas, alias Willy on Reunion Island, needs no introduction.Son of Granmoun Lélé and central musician in his group, he travelled the world spreading maloya until Granmoun Lélé’s death in 2004. He went on to found the Groove Lélé group, which carried on the family’s music and made several landmark records. He also devotes […]

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