A product of the slave era, “maloya” was long confined to clandestine celebrations, where slaves asserted their desire for freedom through ritual trance music. ritual trance. The origins of this traditional Réunionese music lie in the island’s complex and painful history. history of the island. Ti’Kaniki continues this process of transmission through through nothing more than songs and percussion performed by all the participants. From this promising maloya, bridges are created to the Cameroonian bahanen to Cameroonian bahanen, Afro-Colombian currulao and Cuban rumba, while always respecting this unique respecting this unique culture and energy. Ti’Kaniki’s maloya is not just a concert. a concert, but a kabar where spontaneity and fervour lift you up!


Margaux Delatour (guasa vocals)

Théo Pages (percussion, vocals)

Luc Moindranzé (roulèr, congas, vocals)

Cindy Pooch (vocals)

Hadrien Santos Da Silva (sati, bobre, vocals)

Jonathan Volson (roulèr, congas, vocals)