Amin Al Aiedy – SHAMS

Release Party

For this release party, you can indulge in the oriental melodies of the Amin Al Aiedy Quartet, who bring warmth to the world like the rising sun. SHAMS is the 1st album by Amin Al Aiedy, accompanied by 3 musicians who inspire him. He has imagined it as an allegory of the region of the world that fascinates him: Bilad al Sham “Land of the Sun”, which corresponds to the Levant or Middle East. It is this rich, sunny culture that has led him to create music as luminous as possible, to be seen and heard at Le Périscope on Wednesday 22 November 2023.

wednesday 22 november 202321h00
Grande Scène

Amin Al Aiedy Quartet

Since childhood, the East and the West have always lived in Amin Al Aiedy, whether in the blood, the language or the music listened to in the family. After studying contemporary music, then classical and finally jazz, life took him to live and study on the other side of the Mediterranean, where he was able […]

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