The Very Big Experimental toubifri Orchestra

Au Marché Gare

Le Toubifri is to the years 2010-20, what the 2be3 were to the 90s: an institution, a flagship group close to becoming a legend, with the talent to boot.

With already three albums to its credit, including one with singer-poet Loïc Lantoine, Toubifri predicts an evening of crazy, excessive and explosive dingueries. Sweat in the Jazz but also in the Rock.

On the program of the evening, new pieces never recorded before, a Captaine Saxo more in shape than ever, costumes at the height of the new dancefloor of the Marché Gare, the whole served by an exceptional instrumental richness lavished by a score of unchained musicians.

To make a long story short, you can bet that this evening, under the sign of “Dieu Poulet “*, will make you cackle with pleasure!

*From the name of the Very Big Experimental toubifri Orchestra’s last album released in April 2021

friday 10 march 202320h00
Marché Gare
11 / 13 /15 €

The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra

A great band from the young Lyon scene. 17 musicians who form a happy mixture of sound eccentricity, unusual melodies and joyful grooves, carried by a musical expression without limits! A hysterical fresco on a screen of colors, a joyful clatter, a dada fanfare, where the folkloric imagination is brought to its full power! The […]

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