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Suzanne is a voice that hums, whispering ageless memories. A voice, instrumental, chanted, torn. It is the child who mumbles perceived melodies, it is the grandfather who transmits his memories, it is these musicians who write, play and sing all that they have been given to hear. The music of the group, by a beautiful chance, carries in it this folk melancholy which comes to unite with a writing which leaves nothing to chance, emanating from the beginning of the XXth century.

Suzanne, it is these three voices which appear and disappear, giving life to a music with multiple faces.

tuesday 15 november 202221h00
Grande Scène
6 €


Suzanne pulls Leonard Cohen by the sleeve and draws this first EP from the name Berthe, the beloved grandmother that everyone used to call Maryse. Between remembrance and aggressiveness, Maëlle Desbrosses, Hélène Duret and Pierre Tereygeol compose Suzanne and orchestrate cheerfully to defy their ancestors and the shadows hidden behind mirrors.  There are reflections in […]

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