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Hors les murs : Grrrnd Zero

Let your Sunday afternoon turn into an evening. From 5pm onwards, rendez-vous with dreamlike live performances, sound manifestos and sonic and narrative musical experiences. Between radical noise, poetic electro-acoustic, minimal techno punk, the program has enough to give colors to this end of day. On this occasion, the author Julie Champagne will present her book “Question de genre dans les musiques actuelles”. Work on the standards and the mechanisms of domination to which unfortunately do not escape the medium of the current musics.

sunday 03 april 202217h00
Grrrnd Zero


Here are two Israeli artists among the most hardcore of the exported scene !Exit the dance music or the electronica of living room, the DIY device of this duo is above all there to produce noise. Here we give in the radicalism to the pure state. A musical production always militant where Meira’s voice oscillates […]

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Fck Dmn

Solo of the polymorphic artist, hyperactive and cultural activist from Lyon, Damien Grange who can be found in the dance company ALS, the collective Arfi but also in music groups called transversal and singular like Marteau Matraque, Vocoder, Rature, Moins un, Bételgeuse, Bronzy mc Dada, 300mA, etc….Here with Fck dmn, Damien makes ghetto electro techno […]

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---__--__ (More Eaze & Seth Graham)

The Heart Pumps Kool-Aid is the debut release by —__–__ composed of Mari Maurice (More Eaze) and Seth Graham. The release has also been arranged with commissioned instrumentation from Karen Ng, Nick Storring, Rob Mcgill, Meteronori, spoken word from Proxy.exe, and guest vocals from Recovery girl and Meteronori The Heart Pumps Kool-Aid is the expression of Midwestern […]

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