Sonic Protest Lyon | 3e Oreille avec Again The Sunset

3e Oreille : Cycle danse et musique

Le Périscope, L’Universel Underground, the Sonic and the Collectif Si unite their strength and energy to make Sonic Protest Elsewhere : 4 days of Sonic Protest in Lyon with Yeah You, Johann Mazé & Jihem Rita, Duma, Asher.Zax, Seth Gram & More Eaze, Acte Bonté, Fck Dmn and Again The Sunset.

The collective Si takes over Sonic Protest Lyon to propose a new event of their cycle “Music & Dance”. Ideal for this performance between sound and matter proposed by the duo of Yann Leguay and Inga Huld Hàkonardòttir, which traces connections between the brutality of gestures and the musicality of their produced sounds.

monday 04 april 202221h00
Grande Scène

Again The Sunset

Between concert and performance, Again the Sunset mines the raw material through an embodied text unfolding like an intimate kyrielle. The voice carries a story worked in the effort and the duration. The elements are subtly shaped, leaving room for cycles to renew themselves. Again the Sunset plays to multiply the angles of approach, to […]

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