L’Étrangleuse are two girls and two boys who play an undefined form of minimalist rock and free song in four voices, amplifying the dialogue between a birdseye maple pedal harp and a goatskin n’goni djéli, over the archaic grooves of a bass-drumset decked out in trinkets.
L’Étrangleuse’s refuge is a Tuareg tent lost in the immensity of the frozen tundra, where the spirits of
the spirits of The Ex and Brigitte Fontaine foment the secret hymns of a new world order,
governed at last by poetry.

This concert will feature the musical creation of Première option musique students from Lycée Saint-Exupéry and Lycée Lumière, created with the members of l’Étrangleuse, followed by the band’s repertoire.

tuesday 09 april 202419h00
Grande Scène


For the last ten years, Mélanie Virot and Maël Salètes have combined the pedal harp and the elec-tric guitar to create the music of L’Étrangleuse, drawing inspiration from the traditional music of a country that doesn’t exist. Tirelessly trapping the magic of almost nothing with two instruments that per se seem to have no-thing in […]

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