Magrava + Ar Ker

It doesn’t take much to make thunder. A sudden change in the forecast, a cloud that breaks the rhythm of things and an underlying electricity. That’s what this unexpected meeting between the duo Magrava and the drummer’s solo Ar Ker is likely to produce, for an evening between a rumbling guitar and celestial percussion strokes.

friday 17 december 202121h00
Le Péri
ticket office opening 20h30

Ar Ker

Ker is a regional prefix originally meaning fortified place, fortified castle, citadel, then village and finally inhabited place. He likes to type very much. He listens to rock and other relatively strong things. He is 1m83 tall (according to his identity card). From there, he throws himself wildly on his drums in the service of […]

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Magrava is a noise duo formed by Cyril Meysson (guitar -also in Noyades) and Rodolphe Loubatière (drums). After their first LP Sédition released in 2017 and noticed by magazines such as Wire or Revue & Corrigée, their new album ʭɧ was released in October 2019 on the Chinese-French label WV Sorcerer Productions, specialized in dark […]

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