Liturgie Profane – Marthe

Liturgie Profane is the new sound and visual show, a dreamlike concert by the group Marthe, accompanied by a choir of Russian singers, which reinterprets a traditional repertoire revisited for the occasion and in the name of cultural mixing.

wednesday 06 october 202121h00
Grande Scène
12-14 €

Liturgie Profane - Marthe

The Trans-Siberian journey, made in May 2019 with the show « Martha’s Dances, » allowed the group to confront their approach with that of the artists they met during the journey and is the source of this new creation with the Siberian female vocal trio Verbnoe Voskresenie (« Palm Sunday » in Russian). The Siberian artists’ work revolves around […]

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Marthe takes shape in 2017 following a meeting between Florent Briqué, a trumpet player recognised in the jazz community, and the Greek-born saxophonist Alexis Moutzouris. Two universes that complement each other and that want at all costs to explode the borders. Marthe is an imaginary and limitless playground on which pop, rock, jungle and Greek […]

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