Chant général


ARFI unveils its new album, Chant Général, by Clémence Cognet, Olivier Bost and Clément Gibert, featuring fifteen tracks inspired by the fifteen songs of Pablo Neruda’s monumental work. Canto General”, or General Song, an epic poem by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, is the inspiration for this repertoire.

Each track on the album benefited from the participation of a guest artist – or group – who had the freedom to revisit the trio’s compositions. This collaboration enriched and diversified the album’s sonic palette, bringing a unique dimension to each track.

After an initial encounter with the public at Le Périscope, the repertoire will continue on tour, where we plan to invite a guest artist to join the trio on an occasional basis to perform this Chant and continue to spread the word!

Olivier Bost (trombone)

Clémence Cognet (violin, voice)

Clément Gibert (saxophone, bass clarinet)