L.Teez + James V. Robinson

Partnership : Mediatone x High-lo x Galant records

On November 26th, L.Teez’s visit to France will be the opportunity to start unveiling the Latitude45 project supported by Galant Records, High-lo, Hydrophonik & Mediatone.This unique creative project creates an artistic connection between the cultures of Lyon and Montreal. With Latitude 45, hip-hop abolishes borders and creates an emulation between all the actors who participate in the effervescence and culture of their territory.

friday 26 november 202121h00
Grande Scène


Montreal Jazz-rap author and performer, L. Teez first trained in the trombone and the trumpet, then began writing authentic and personal texts in 2012. His style developed and L. Teez took his ease on the stages of the Divan Orange, the MEG Festival, the Tartine Festival, the Paris Music Festival, the MIL Festival in Lisbon. […]

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James V. Robinson

Previously known as Robinson, James V. Robinson is a French-British rapper/beatmaker with dreams of America. Inspired by the New York scene of the 90s, he develops a dark and uncompromising rap, which puts the rapper back at the center of hip-hop. With Paradox, an EP released in 2019, he comes to offer us a raw […]

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