Kling Extendted

Meet 7 musicians from a new wave of our artistic scene. Le Kling Extendted is a project that draws on the currents of yesterday and today to find its musical material, and produce jazz that reflects our times. We travel across the Atlantic, we travel across Europe, but never without recognising the inspiration that dominates. In this flow of music and inspirations, only the personalities of the artists give a glimpse of a form of intimacy and artistic honesty that adds depth and warmth to this repertoire.

tuesday 24 october 202321h00
Le Péri

Kling Extendtet

7 young musicians from the Lyon region perform compositions written exclusively for the ensemble by its artistic director VINCENT PELLERIN. Nourished by contemporary European and American jazz, the orchestra synthesises the sectional writing processes inspired by Maria Schneider, John Hollenbeck and Kenny Wheeler, with the electric sounds of the guitar such as Reiner Baas, Ping […]

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