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Composer and vibraphonist Félix Joubert has chosen the path of introspection to tackle the composition of a new project. But rather than creating a new ‘I’ in the grand narratives of our lives, it is ‘Giacomo’ who takes shape. A double character whose instincts, feelings and personal journey take shape in the compositions offered to this quintet. Giacomo bears witness to the fact that music is both a personal and a collective story: jazz and the influences of the musicians involved in this project can be found here, but with a new angle: a sensitivity and sound colours specific to the intimate journey.

thursday 14 september 202321h00
Grande Scène


Félix Joubert becomes GIACOMO. An alchemy of ethereal melodies and cyclical, reassuring rhythms. rhythm. In quintet form, GIACOMO’s music is warm and poetic. As a vibraphonist, Félix keeps his instrument as the cornerstone of his compositions. The notion of loop and repetition is central to his music. Inspired by nature, it is this sensitivity to […]

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