Jazz Connective : Roamer + OKO + H-Ci

Nice to meet you Dublin

From 05 to 13 December, Periscope offers you a week to meet 7 European cities. For 2 years involved in the Jazz Connective project, the Périscope welcomes the last step of this cooperation project between artists, actors and audiences of the jazz and improvised music scenes. Each evening, artists from one city will meet and perform in a recorded or livestreamed performance to offer a total immersion in the heart of innovative music in Europe.

To represent the Dublin scene, Improvised Music Company has chosen three groups with multiple influences and ways of creating. All of them go beyond the usual frameworks and norms to create while adapting to the new constraints imposed by the health crisis. OKO offers an intimate access to a recording session: a real experiment for this group of four musicians. They use all the possibilities offered by the studio while trying to capture the raw energy of group improvisation. Thanks to the sequencers, they create an unstable setting in which to improvise. A musical narrative is then created between improvisation and the use of drum machines and sequencers. The members of the ROAMER group, scattered all over Europe, will come together in virtual form to create a new arrangement of a composition by Matthew Halpin, passing their individual recordings from one to the other, superimposing and drawing on each other’s work to create a complete sound created especially for the occasion. The H-Ci duo will offer a spontaneous composition through a pre-recorded sound .

tuesday 08 december 202020h00
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OKO was borne out of a number of collaborations in 2010 and 2011 between guitarist Shane Latimer, keyboardist Darragh  O’Kelly, percussionist  Shane O’Donovan and turntablist DJackulate (Jack McMahon). The group improvises around skeletal compositions, drawing on a wealth of influences such as krautrock, vintage TV shows, free jazz, noise, dub, drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, musak, […]

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The best of Irish improvising talent, Roamer combines four outstanding artists who have individually built acclaimed international careers. Each “roamer” has represented Ireland extensively on stages around the world, and combined are a powerful force of innovation and talent.  Vocalist Lauren Kinsella has been Jazz FM UK Vocalist of the Year; saxophonist Matthew Halpin was […]

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Djackulate joins forces with longtime colleague and fellow musical chameleon, the electronic composer and jazz drummer Shane O’Donovan to create H-CI. This innovative duo has a musical relationship spanning many projects over the past decade, most notably in OKO, an eclectic quartet that runs the gamut from delicately sculpted electro-acoustic shapes to gritty streetwise funk. […]

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