Djackulate joins forces with longtime colleague and fellow musical chameleon, the electronic composer and jazz drummer Shane O’Donovan to create H-CI. This innovative duo has a musical relationship spanning many projects over the past decade, most notably in OKO, an eclectic quartet that runs the gamut from delicately sculpted electro-acoustic shapes to gritty streetwise funk.

H-ci’s music is heavily influenced by electronic music artists such as Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Boards of Canada, but also incorporates elements of contemporary Jazz and avant-garde. What stands H-ci apart is his multi-layered solo work. With an array of synthesizers and drums, complex layers of rhythm are created through the use of drum machines as well as live acoustic drums, with the melodic content almost exclusively synthesizer based.

Together, H-ci are sonic explorers of the highest calibre.

“ Audio bites spliced and diced live by the startlingly slick Djackulate…”Totally Dublin