Jasual Cazz

Release Party

It’s time to talk about Jasual Cazz’s debut album, Memory Guard. The French trio’s powerful, futuristic sound is the French jazz fusion album we’ve been waiting for!

With their impeccable groove, Jasual Cazz cultivate the heritage of carefully arranged music, cut to perfection for immersive listening. Memory Guard is perfectly in tune with the spirit of innovation currently sweeping the jazz scene, while retaining the emotional intelligence of French jazz-funk and its assertive heritage.
Jasual Cazz’s mission now? To bring you a Release Party on Thursday, January 18, that will make you appreciate this new album in every detail.

friday 08 march 202421h00
Grande Scène

Jasual Cazz

Volume at full in the cockpit of the shuttle, the vinyls of Herbie Hancock and Cassiopea resound in the interstellar void. Les sales gosses de Jasual Cazz ont le jazz-fusion dans le sang, et sont bien décidés à le défendre avec sincérité. After cultivating their virtuosity on an always-on game console, they set out to […]

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