Release Party

Faune, the duo formed by Jacques Puech and Guilhem Lacroux, is all about songs, songs of life. Each recounts his own extraordinary epic, mourns his lost love, and looks forward to seeing the birds again in spring.

True to form, on their new album Des Fantômes, they deploy a varied, unusual and circuitous array of instruments. They have fun in the soundscape given to them with their voices, feet, harmoniums, metronome, bowls, flutes, ping pong balls, Moroccan tray and marbles, baby phone or electric girdle…

friday 19 january 202421h00
Le Péri


From the outset, Faune have played with electrification and amplification to convey their songs. It took a privileged encounter with a chapel for them to feel the urge to record an acoustic album. Thanks to the Superspectives festival in Lyon, they had access for 5 days to an ancient Roman cistern to record this double […]

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