Howlin’ Jaws

Two years after Strange Effect, the Parisian band are back with Half Asleep Half Awake, a second album that will restore your faith in rock. And how do they do that? With a compendium of overpowering hits, luminous melodies and finger-burning demonic jams.

We can already see you frowning, like: “A rock’n’roll record in 2023? But let us do the introductions. Howlin’ Jaws is a trio made up of Djivan Abkarian (vocals, bass), Lucas Humbert (guitar) and Baptiste Leon (drums), who formed in primary school before expanding at secondary school and taking off at high school. The boys, who were fans of fifties and sixties music (Cochran, Small Faces, Beatles, Kinks, Slade, etc.), set off on the rock highway. They released their first album, Strange Effect, in 2021, packed with flamboyant moments and sharp riffs that cuddle the ear. But we’re not here to talk about the past.

saturday 11 november 202321h00
Grande Scène
ticket office opening 20h30

Howlin' Jaws

The present album is called Half Asleep Half Awake. For this second album, the Parisians returned to London to Toe Rag Studios, created by Liam Watson, a genius engineer who produced the White Stripes’ Elephant album and worked with Madness, Tame Impala and Supergrass. While there, they decided to swap efficiency for spontaneity. The idea […]

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