Big Brave + Praÿ

The Big Brave trio return in 2023 with a new album, ‘Nature Morte’, a full, disconcerting work that leaves us speechless. It’s a free and ambitious work, whose length and repetition powerfully support the message and convey the pain, rage and fury that seem to inhabit the trio, violently embodied by Robin Wattie’s masterful performance, without putting the listener to sleep or confining them to an overly standardised stoner/doom universe.

For their part, the power trio Praÿ move between high-pitched space rock and a mixture of progressive rock and stoner, with resolutely intoxicating instrumental compositions. Let’s get high in space!

monday 11 september 202321h00
Le Péri

Big Brave

BIG|BRAVE, the elemental ensemble of guitarist/vocalist Robin Wattie, guitarist Mathieu Ball, and drummer Tasy Hudson, harness an earthen heaviness composed of distorted and textural drones, austere bombast, and Wattie’s heart-rending voice. Like recent collaborators The Body, BIG|BRAVE is at the forefront of reconfiguring the landscape of heavy music. The trio brandish sparseness and density like […]

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Black mass for heavy heretics and fanatics of old instrumental, psychedelic and stoner gods.

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