Foudre Rockeur (Feat. Mr Marcaille) + Bronzy Mc Dada

Mr. Marcaille joined forces with 6 other musicians to create a band: a pure and unconditional love for rock & roll and a bunch of good friends, that’s really all you need to start a band that rocks. That’s how Benoît, Christophe, Eric, Justin, Laura, Laurent and William got together to create Foudre Rockeur. With Arnaud on bass, this band reinvents the song in a punk and dadaist way. The repertoire evolves between experimental covers, rock improvisations, voodoo trance and variety. All in the very personal sauce of the group. This energetic and effective show is sure to make you want to tap your feet and dance.

They will share the stage with Bronzy Mc Dada for a very unclassifiable solo performance! Show must go on

thursday 13 april 202321h00
Le Péri
6 / 8€

Vu D’un Oeuf, a rural artistic center based in the Meuse, proposed to Arnaud Marcaille to realize the dream of a disabled person: to invent together a band and a music. Because the adventure of Foudre Rockeur is first of all the desire of a resident of the Adapei (Departmental Association of friends and parents […]

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Bronzy Mc Dada

Bronzy Mc Dada is Damien Grange’s unclassifiable performative solo in a specific genre (Hammering, Rature, -1, Betelgeuse, etc…). Bronzy Mc Dada is a show in itself in the spirit of an Alan Vega and a Didier Super or a Big Bill Bronzy …

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