Leoni Leoni + Le Diable Dégoûtant

Let’s talk about a very special evening a concert organized in partnership with Hatch. On January 20, 2024 at Le Périscope, two unclassifiable artists will make their own music before your very eyes. Sound, noise, songs, tracks and more, all culminate in live performances immersed in the respective worlds of Leoni Leoni and Le Diable Dégoûtant. The invitation to melt head-on into their world is given. Into parallel worlds?

saturday 20 january 202421h00
Le Péri

Leoni Leoni

Subtle, sincere, but also strange, Leoni Leoni’s music has a powerful attraction and a unique bewitching force. The synthesizers sizzle, the drum machine moves forward sometimes throbbing. Upon it, the Bernese musician and producer sings about life, about love, in their banality and magnificence. With 4 homemade cassettes released since 2019, Leoni Leoni has established […]

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Le Diable Dégoûtant

Pauline Marx, formerly of the fantastic duo La Fureur de Vouivre, seems like a being from another time and place; namely, an escaped marauder lurking in the forests of a Bruegel painting and integrating the surreal flora and fauna of a Boschian creation into the scenery and lore of deep Brittany. Her invented mythology is […]

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