End of SK Records explosion: Andrew Dymond + Cantenac Dagar + Rature + Louis Jucker

After 25 years of loyal service, the label SK Records concentrates its energy to conceptualize its trepanation in the form of maximum explosion. On the program: Andrew Dymond is the one piano man band, Cantenac Dagar and their indus music, raw and organic, without beginning nor end, the duo Rature which navigates between rock, punk, trance music and free-jazz and finally Louis Jucker and his solo folk experiment.

friday 09 september 202220h30
Grande Scène
7/9 €


Rature is a duo formed by vocals, drums and machines. Rature is strongly influenced by hip-hop and navigates between rock, punk, trance music and free-jazz. Damien sings and plays the drum machine. His singing is inspired by hip-hop flow, while leaving room for vocal improvisation. The messages are above all in the musical intentions, not […]

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Louis Jucker

Something Went Wrong is Louis Jucker‘s most exhaustive work to date. Simple and direct folk and rock songs played with unaltered love for lo-fi sounds, by an artist that has become through the years a very unique and prolific figure of the swiss alternative music scene. A self-portrait in10 songs, to face his own aging […]

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Cantenac Dagar

Cantenac Dagar live is a kind of organic and repetitive trance, with unfeigned rises, textures with unknown allure (so it is still possible), hesitations that become obvious, turbulences that become free, dazzling moments that last happily, human squalls for human use [… With summary means and a modesty that forces the respect, it is precisely […]

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