Discrepant with Lagoss, 3Phaz, DJ Mixsoup and Sabine333

This evening is co-organised by the Discrepant label, Agence FUN, les ânes volants and Le Périscope.

Discrepant is renowned as a kaleidoscopic music label that presents the strangest and weirdest artists from all over the world. They don’t do the obvious. Now on a world tour, their artists will be stopping off in Lyon to electrify the dancefloor at Le Périscope.

For those with a hankering for something a little further afield, there’s LAGOSS, a cyber-tropical band from Tenerife made up of Gonçalo F. Cardoso, Mladen Kurajica and Dani Tupper. Then with 3Phaz, an electronic producer from Cairo, Egypt, who combines Middle Eastern rhythms with club beats.

Accompanying them will be two DJs from the Lyon scene: Mixsoup, who is as attracted to the experimental scene as he is to dancefloors, and Sabine333, a member of the Assurance Fun association and the Lyon-based magazine Bugne Bugne, who is devoted to liquid sounds and the exploration of diverse local scenes.

Line Up

9.30pm > 10.10pm – Lagoss

10.10pm > 10.30pm – Mixsoup

10.30pm > 11.10pm – 3Phaz

11.10pm > 12.15am – Sabine333 & Mixsoup (b2b)

saturday 14 october 202321h00
Le Péri


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