Release Party

CHROMB! makes rock without guitars (or jazz with distortion) for emotional adults and wild children. What defines CHROMB! is their elasticity, their devotion to both melody and noise, and their determination to keep inventing things, simply because it’s great to do so.
We’ll be celebrating the release party for their fifth album, Cinq, on Tuesday 28 November. Come and listen to CHROMB! at Le Périscope and you’ll be exposed to music you never knew existed. You’ve got to give it a go.

tuesday 28 november 202321h00
Le Péri

Chromb !

CHROMB! has been making CHROMB! for ten years, five albums and many concerts. And CHROMB! is music. The band is driven by four heads, propelled by an overflowing imagination, electrically powered and impervious to classification. Sometimes its mother is jazz, since CHROMB! looks like her in photos, sometimes it’s rock, since it’s true that it’s […]

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